Context is as important as content

Books, movies, art works, speeches, and any kinds of works move us very much.

However even great works could not inspired us everytime. Contents of works itself is important indeed, and adding to that, context is important at the same time.

One of my favorite film is “Permanent Vacation” directed by Jim Jarmusch, which is his first film in his carrier.

But If I watch this film now, I might feel boring at all. but when I watched this movie at the first time in my school days, I felt compassion deeply to the main cast, emptiness of his heart and feeling of going nowhere.

Today I was REALLY impressed by Rory Vaden’s speech at Toastmasters District 76 Fall Conference 2015 in Japan.

His speech was about a secret of great speech. And he focused on the mechanics of the speech, today. He presented quite logical and was easy to understand using some graphs, like 4 quadrants of rate and volume. Furthermore, his own speech itself was quite controlled.

I always struggle to deliver my own speeches, because I haven’t succeeded to control myself, especially vocal tone and pitch and moving at my speeches. I always think about it vaguely how I should do, but didn’t see them analytically. His speech was eye-opening.

And also I was moved his word at the last part, “I am the product of Toastmasters”

At a glance, he just looked smart and very young successful person. But I could imagined that he has a strong connection with Toastmasters from bottom of his heart. Needless to say his current figure was built by his hard work — taking the stairs, that made me feel close to him as a member of the same activities.

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