Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Dilemma between getting feedback and being hesitate to be read

Thanks to Medium, I could get the place what I want to write. I’m really feel satisfied with this situation. However, there’s one thing what I starve to. That is feedback about my English. I want to know how my English is natural or not and, grammatically correct or not. I can’t realize by myself my English has some strange habit of expressions and wrong use of grammar a lot.

I am a member of Toastmasters club, which is the community of learning public speaking and leadership. In this regular meeting, one of the most unique and valuable time is evaluation session. People could get lots of evaluation when you do the public speech. So for that, we could look back our speech from the third person’s point of views and it make us improve more.

Thanks to the social network, I know if I cross post this article on Facebook, or Twitter for example, I could get more readers of this publication, and some feedbacks might come, but I don’t want and I don’t have the courage to do that for many reason. I don’t want to show widely this writing to friends I know, and so on.. I write here what I want and it’s almost a kind of naked figure of mine. I don’t mind just to write here under the situation in which not so many people don’t read.

Yesterday I watched the news about AI. One of the solution of this problem might be AI. I hope AI will develop more and Medium AI itself correct my English and teach me more precise and sophisticated English! That’s good idea :)

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