Expressed my gratitude

Today I got the chance to express my gratitude directly to the author who gave me a clue of writing this journal. To report my change by his talking last September fulfilled my mind a lot. I had very short moment but I felt that talking face to face had a precious meaning. I could revamp my mind to have this activity.

Writing journal itself might not be a big thing, but this is a revolutionary event for me. Writing journal almost everyday in English just 3 months is small step but a high leap.

Getting a certain confident which is built in my mind..

Getting a thing which I excite deeply..

Expressing my thought day by day for public not private..

Clearing my mind with writing out here.. etc

Unconsciously or not, I might have had the feeling how great to express my thought outside as writing. Even tiny part of that could share with the readers was a great experience. Though still my English might be awful, sneak peek of my life and thought isn’t so much fun, but thank you for reading. Your existing is priceless for me.