Sekiguchi, Tokyo

Flower is the King

When I take photographs, usually I feel it’s difficult to find some stuffs I want to take, beautiful, colorful, impressive and unique as photographs. Especially I live in around Tokyo since I was born, I really get tired of monotone, grayish buildings and roads, senseless guard rails, and vending machine, glaring advertisement and so on and on.

Cherry blossom has almost fallen down, and many kinds of flowers like rape-flower, Cirsium, Tulip, Azalea, Forget me not, Marguerite, etc. began to bloom all at once. I feel overwhelmed by these bunch of flowers, overflowing full of lively, fresh energy of life.

There’s old Japanese word, “花鳥風月 — flowers, birds, winds and moon”. The value of flowers both symbolic and specific meaning doesn’t change at all. There’s nothing but flowers, which I could feel beautiful and worth shooting every time, every where… Ladies?! might be :)

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