Manila, Philippines

Impromptu humor

When I went to the restaurant at the hotel to have a breakfast, I was alone and I kept my seat with my jacket on the seat. After went around buffet and came back to my seat with a pile of fruits on my hands, I noticed my jacket was gone.

“Oh, this is the first morning breakfast on this trip,, sigh…” I was fed up and thought the luggage inspection at the entrance cannot inspect people’s mind.

Then, suddenly I noticed person behind me, laughing with his friends trying to wear my jacket. I said what were you doing with serious eyes, and he smiled at me as if I had no intention to steal. I was taken aback and could not say any words. I felt terrible and started eating my breakfast.

Having breakfast, one sentence came to my mind “Sorry, I forgot here is not Japan.” Yes, that’s it, this is what I should have said to him.

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