Omotesando, Tokyo

Inside My House, PC, And Brain

As I talked in my last article, I was surprised to know and understood one of Bill Gates daily tasks is washing dishes.

I often feel that to keep my life smooth, cleaning up is very important. Especially whenever I have to concentrate on something, I always start from clearing up my surroundings. It means that how usually my surroundings are messy…

Washing dishes, everyday habit of Bill Gates implies that his surroundings are kept always clean.

During Toastmasters in Japan, there’s one famous speech “Bonji-Tettei” means, “Keep Doing Small Things Thoroughly”

In this speech, one of small things is put shoes neatly everyday. It’s also a kinds of cleaning up. Clearing up itself is not difficult but to keep it thoroughly is different. This speech shows well.

So far it’s merely an opening topic. I want to write here is that, speaking about cleaning up, I always think there are three place where I have to keep clean. Inside My House, PC, And Brain. Even inside my house clean, when inside my PC (smartphone and cloud are included) is messy, it becomes obstacles to think and doing something. Even inside my house and PC, still my brain remains messy. The way to clean up brain, there are various ways I think, but my favorite way is to run. To be continued…

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