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Instagram Effects

Far long before Instagram has started, I’ve just once published a self publishing mini photobook.

I’ve uploaded all images in one story above. These images are all taken in Italy at the end of 2000. The quality of digital camera was far much worse than the smartphones in these days but I enjoyed taking pictures so much and edited them by Photoshop, mostly made them turned much more vivid than original ones.

At that time, I love that kinds of effects because it turn more inspirational and colorful, and while I editing for these, I thought that whoever take pictures in Italy, anyone can be a photographer, I felt.

However a few years passed, when I exhibited these photographs at my cafe,once I was told by the person who love photographs that why do you such kinds of effects put on them. It implied that it made photographes spoiled.

I didn’t totally agreed with it but at the same time, it was true that tI also began to feel fascinated by the photographes much more natural tastes. I’d like to try to take much more natural tastes photographes.

Some years passed again, Instagram appeared. Instagram has lots of effects and it reminded me of my effect when publishing photobook. Lots of strongly effected photographes coming on the stream, and these retouched photographs make Instagram characteristic.

But even we don’t use the preset effects of Instagram, and just taking photographs by releasing, these are retouched by the camera itself and there’s no 100% normal photo. Somewhat all photographs are retouched by camera itself or by hand.

This cover photograph is taken with a slight change of white balance. However, when I take this in the morning, it doesn’t need to change white balance setting. Then we can not say natural photographs, easily.

What I want to say is that I always wonder how to set white balance and exposure when I take pictures, and it’s tough decision all the time.

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