Edogawabashi, Tokyo

Intellectual activities

Some bloggers which I constantly read their blogs, started or restarted to write on Medium in these days.

There’re tons of people who write their blogs, but there’s not so many people whom I keep reading. Some stopped writing and some went to the outside of my interest. When I saw these situation, I came to think to keep blogging is difficult and I was afraid to start my own blog for a long time. But now I think I was too scared to start and I should have just started and I should not have taken care much about it.

When I read his recent blogs, he said his blog activity is a part of intellectual activities.


Contents of his blogs are about digital tools or such kind of stuffs, and also he seems to be a scientist, so I think it’s proper categorization. As for me, I haven’t thought this writing as intellectual activities but a kind of creative activities, just a writing space for what I want and a place to show my photographs. I sometimes take up digital tools and these kinds, but never felt it intellectual activity.

I think it’s interesting that this kind of difference appears by people’s own interest.

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