Hakone, Kanagawa

Lack of talk, lack of English, let’s …

I found a English school advertisement and in my commuter train, yesterday and there was this sentence on that advertisement.

There might be lots of people who think like this title, so I felt it’s a really good copywriting. But what I felt most from this is not about the copywriting, but the reality that all information we could receive from mass advertisement is what I think about carefully.

Toastmasters international is a non profit organization, so they don’t advertise their own activities on mass advertisement. They advertise themselves on the internet, mainly social networking, because it doesn’t cost so much.

I surely confirmed that Toastmasters is the best place for people who think they have lack of talk, lack of English, in Japan. I guess even I spend a bunch of money somewhere, it’s impossible to get this environment of Toastmasters community.

I don’t think all consuming economy is bad and sharing economy is good, but if you want spend your money wisely, you can do that today. And these information is almost coming from the internet and other social network publicities. We’ve already we stepped into after monetizing economy, without notice.

Lack of talk, lack of English, let’s Toastmasters.

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