Medium for corporate blog

One of the famous corporate blog in the tech world, Signal v. Noise started Official blog on Medium. Meetup Japanese official blog started on this platform, too.

As I said in the article before, Medium has a potential to swallow blogs into it (it might be too exaggerated), and I guess this might happen from corporate blogs.

There are some reasons I feel Medium is outstanding from any other platform.

1. Publication and its Original Domain Function

Medium has great publication system which collect a certain articles into one place. And Medium started to add original domain to it this spring. This function allows users to have independent original set in Medium. This function decrease the barrier of integration to owned media.

2. Mutual Follow System

Delivering information updates for readers, fans, customers and whomever you want to read is necessary. From the audience side, this function is needed,too.

During the Blog era, RSS feed has taken this role. All website prepared RSS feeds in your site and blogs when people find blogs want to follow, he registate blogs rss links into their rss reader. However this system is not only clicking usage, and copy url and paste it to the RSS reader, it’s too much difficult for general user.

After a while, blog owners began to use Twitter and Facebook, which has mutual follow function, as alternative RSS tools. When people update their blogs, they tweet. However it is redundant action indeed, its better to have follow system in blogs itself.

In this point of view, Tumblr has the similarity of Medium. Actually I can see some similarities Medium and Tumblr more than any other existing platform, and Tumblr is used as these role. But Reblog, which is strong and unique function seems to narrow its charactor from general use. Note in Japan, can also see lots of inspiration from Medium and Tumblr.

3. Best Editing Tool Quality

I use some content management system and blog tools at work, and honestly speaking, even in these critical tools, almost nothing changed in this 5 years.

One of the reason is that mobile environmental change and everyone is busy for moving mobile shift, there are small number of people except Medium put the editing tools prioritize first.

For example I am still a big fan and a user of Blogger, which Ev made and now Google operates. But recently almost nothing has changed on Blogger I felt, because Google seems not to have the priority to it. Editing tools, which Medium has is far much better than these system.

we’re well capable of technically making a great blog system, keeping it updated, and keeping the design fresh, but it falls to the bottom of the list of priorities against making Basecamp better.

4. Openness

Needless to say, as a web service, Facebook, is the biggest and most influential platform in the world. Furturemore, they manage their services quite well, and still keep on growing fast pace such as merging instagram and whatapps. So if our want some attention to our contents, we should not ignore them.

But one of the biggest Facebook charactor is its closeness. Because Facebook is close system, people can freely talk and addicted to it. Facebook want all users to take action inside the blue header.

Looking closeness from the different point of view, even how Facebook users increase, certain amount of people never use and open Facebook. How much a lot of page view get in Facebook, you cannot whole users that you want to connect if you only write in the Facebook. Statically says 3/4 people in,Japanese don’t have Facebook account yet. People under 20 in Japan hardly use Facebook because they use LINE. So platform you stand might be better to have openness for everyone.

5. Corpolation needs Story

In these days, everyone says story is important and any companies are needed to have own story. That is because in the internet era, information is tend to be free, so people want more than that. In the US, Medium seems to get some certain positon of the place to be shared the story.

As a user, Medium still have some parts, which I hope to change and add function, like commenting system, history reviews and some others, but I’ve already fell in love with this beautifully simple platform. Without this simple interface, I must not have continued this writing so far.

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