Huis ten Bosch, Nagasaki

Medium is the place for people who like to write

It’s seemed a matter of course, but comparing tech world, these kinds of place looks new and actually needed I thought.

Github, Qiita, Slack etc. there’re lots of places which tech people live on the internet, in spite of regular SNSs. Like Flickr, 500px, there’re also the places photographers live on the internet. In these places people exchange information with each other eagerly, and I think, their open connection successfully develops their knowledges, skills and competent.

Thinking as a network, I tended to compare Medium with Facebook, Twitter such as regular SNSs, but the uniqueness of Medium is not the number of users and the influences of social world but the environments of enhancing with each others storytelling power.

In Japan, note seems to have almost the same charactor with Medium and they try to adopt monetizing system into their system. I don’t say and can’t say which is better for now but both are great for the people who like to write something.

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