Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard

After a long period, finally I bought a bluetooth keyboard and now I’m using it to write. One of my hobby?! is to reduce stuffs around me and to replace them to much lighter, smaller and thinner ones.

Last year, I went to Los Angeles for business trip for a week. At that time I went there only with my waist bag which I usually have. My co-workers are surprised by that. I didn’t bring Macbook Air because it’s too heavy, and I’ll try to write business report with my Android tablet. But it was harder than I thought, and felt the need of external keyboard. However bluetooth keyboard made by Sony was much expensive than I thought and not so small, I gave up buying it.

Today I found that there’re lots of choice at Bic Camera, so I decided to try one.

I’ve written almost all this article by this external keyboard and Android tablet, I think it’s fine ! I’m still not sure this tablet and keyboard set become an alternative to PC, but I keep on trying.