Tennoz, Tokyo

Monthly habit to buy Amazon Kindle books

For some years, after starting to read Amazon Kindle books by Android Kindle app, to buy monthly discount sale books become one of my habit.

I have almost three hundred books in my Kindle library. As is often the case, most of the books are left unread. But even unread, I can’t stop this habit, because…

The first reason is that it’s cheap! Sometimes I can found full-color, and lots of photographs, botanical, historical, travel, and these kinds of encyclopedia for about 500 yen. It must be cost thousands yen at least when buying the same books at the real bookstore. Buying these beautiful, well layout, editorial books with small changes cheaper than a cup of coffee worth spending money to have it.

The second reason is I can find unknown books in Amazon’s recommendation. About over 100 books are chosen as discount sale books every month, and some of them are books I have interested, but others are not and I don’t take them in hand at the bookstore. But I know from my experience, these books often hit my mind, and I start to have the interest in these stories.

Yes, I am a true Input type.

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