Toyosu, Tokyo

My favorite coffee chain store

I found my favorite coffee chain store on the street, The Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf.

At the year of around 2,000, I had a chance to visit west coast and staying near Los Angeles for a week. I stayed a tiny inn, but it’s huge bed and free bread and coffee service were enough confortable to stay long.

At that time, I had some free time in daytime, because this time was a kinds of free working time, I found looks really cosy cafe, near the beach. Interior was covered with wooden taste and lots of space there, and some benches on the terrace, which can see the beach and feel the winds, smell the sea. That was The Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf.

Maybe in Tokyo, it’s not such a beautiful atmosphere and I know several well known coffee chains like STARBUCKS, but as for me, one of the best coffee chain store is still The Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf.