Huis ten Bosch, Nagasaki

Near future of publishing world

I got to know the small event of “the peak performance summit”, by chance at the beginning of this year. This might have been a charity event but it showed future event of publishing world, I thought.

The host, Ron Friedman is the author himself. He interviewed to other authors who wrote about management, productivity, and such kind of topics, and open to people who registered for free during certain time. And after a couple of weeks has passed, people needs to pay some fees to see these materials.

Publications on papers are getting decrease, and information on the internet are getting increase, the situation of writers are not so easy and they are trying to search new way of earnings.

Singers and music business is the same situations, and they gradually start to shift their business to live concert and direct communication with their fans. But writers don’t have a chance to play at live concert like them, so they have to think something alternatives. I could feel this event of live interviews so brand new, and and I haven’t seen these events in Japan. In publishing world, The United States have some advances of some years from Japan now, I feel.