New year personal custom

Yesterday I was chosen by Table Topic master(the word of Toastmasters) as a short impromptu speaker. The question was that “Please tell me your personal custom in new year.”

To watch the Kohaku-Utagassen, the first visit to shrine, and these kind of things are common, but recent years I got a brand new personal custom of new year. That is to watch the TV program, “Celebrity rating check” at the night of a new years day.This program is that many TV characters like actors,actresses, young idles, famous comedians and such members make teams, and they play games to choose which is the genuine one from the two, after try tasting or seeing stuffs like wine, instruments, Bonsai, beef and so on.

In this TV program, a famous musician, GACKT take an important role. He has never choose wrong choices for some years. However team mates answered the wrong question and straight winning has been stopped this year. But even after that he himself kept choosing right answers then, he protected his own winning.

...This is what I’d like to talk about. But I only remembered myself was that I said “Ge-no-jin Kakuzuke check” in Japanese and GACKT and my impression of him. I want to speak much better next time.

Anyway this year on the internet, some say regarding new year, "A Happy New year" was wrong. an article said “A Happy New Year” on new year cards is incorrect.

I use a lots of “new year” word above but I’m not sure which words should be added “a”, “the” or should not. Hope someone to teach me !! I’ll buy your a cup of coffee !

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