Edogawabashi-Park, Tokyo

One Hour Reading Time

Slightly my work schedule has changed in April, I’ve got one hour extra physical and psychological space in a day. I could have had.. but things doesn’t go so smoothly.

Anyway, to make a rhythm in my life, I was going to read one hour a day for reading before going to bed. I named it “One-hour-reading-meditation”. I haven’t done yet even at once, but still I thought that’s a good idea

Then at that time I found the article below.

Bill Gates spend one hour in evening and read 50 books through year. I was surprised with this article because what he do every evening is exactly what I want to start.

According to the article, another secret is washing dishes, and I found I didn’t every day, BUT! I noticed this is the one I should do so too. I’m going to write about it in another article.

This article was written in April but not completed. Already in May now, but I had to post Sakura cover photo, well this is the last cherry blossom photo this year.

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