Jinbocho, Tokyo

One thing I’ve gotten to know when I talk about the same thing twice in English and Japanese

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to join the contest as a contestant. The contest is to answer the question which MC ask to us. English and Japanese contest were held, and I joined both.

The question was different between English and Japanese, but fortunately or unfortunately, My answer was affordable for both questions.

At first I asked in English and then in Japanese. When I started to speak in Japanese, I wonder what I talk, and I decided to tell almost the same thing in English. I knew I should have been better to speak a different content, but I didn’t think the audience had understood my speech. So I almost talked about the same thing in Japanese.

But when I reviewed the comments I got, many people wrote that you could have been better to change the thing I talk.

I realized that my speech in English was understood by the audience.
One of my bad habit when speaking in English is unnecessary to repeat phrases. This habit comes from my fear that my talk would not be understood by the audience, anytime.

The change of thought might be good for my speaking skill, maybe..

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