Huis ten Bosch, Nagasaki

Personal treatment for recovering from cold

Yesterday, I was taught the way of recovering from cold by my friend. His way is to drink Red Bull then lay down. It’s simple. His theory was that when people get sick, blood pressure goes down, so pulse is getting fast to keep blood circulation. Red Bull keeps pulse fast and makes up for this blood pressure down. I havn’t drink Red Bull so far, but I got interested in that hearing this.

Actually I have (or had, might be) also my own treatment for recovering sick. That is to drink an “expensive” Yunker and to take a popular medicine “lulu” at the very first stage of cold, like the time I feel slightly chill on my neck. In this way, I could prevent to be sick for many times such as the time when I can’t take a day off. But recently it might not worked unfortunately, so I want to try another one, like Red Bull.

Anyway at that time, he said there are many kinds of energy mini bottle like Yunker in drugstores in Japan but nothing like that in the U.S. Actually I haven’t see same bottles in overseas. I sometimes, not often drink these kinds of bottles for helping my energy up, these bottles must be sold well overseas too.

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