Yurakucho, Tokyo

Restarting Instagram

Some coincidences happened, I’ve just started Instagram again at the beginning of this year. I successfully keep on posting photos over ten days so far.

Last year, I enjoyed the seminar and had a chance to think about photography by my camera and smartphone.

Soon after that, I had to buy a second hands smartphone. New SONY smartphone has good photo qualities than my old Galaxy. I didn’t expect it, so recently I enjoy this new smartphone. Three-year blank is enough to develop these technologies, awesome.

Lastly, on January 1st, I took photos of this cover at Yurakucho by chance. Then started Instagram again.

During new year holidays, we could go unusual places, and cities are decorated by special ornaments, I could easily take some interesting photos. I may get used to taking photos around me soon, so I doubt myself to keep on posting every day :p