Sakuradamon, Tokyo

Right ideas are sometimes not right to be executed

Yesterday, 5 years has passed since big earthquake occurred in Tohoku area.

That morning, I’ve read Kenichi Ohmae’s mail magazine, which wrote about the possibilities of restart of Nuclear Plant.

He is famous for consulting about corporate management, Japan politics, and the world economy. Before starting his career in Mckinsey, he worked at Nuclear plant engineer at Hitachi.

Just after Tohoku earthquake, he clarified the problem of Fukushima Nuclear plant, and made the way to how to avoid such disaster again. But he knows it’s difficult to restart Nuclear plant because of people’s psychological barrier.

I don’t understand nuclear plant is enough effective and safe or not but whether it’s right or not, I feel it’s not good to restart it thinking about people’s mind.

This is a thing which is even right objectively but not right to be executed.

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