Kudan, Tokyo

The Best Sakura Shot In This Spring

This cover photo is one of my best shots I’ve taken in the sakura season. It’s not a cherry blossom tree itself but only fallen petals, but have a good atmosphere I thought. Another shot is used in my former post. These are my favorites.

This year, I didn’t bring my mirrorless camera outside. That’s is because I don’t want to bring it so heavy, and I try to use my smartphone in these days. So these are taken by my Xperia.

To switch my old smartphone of Samsung to Xperia by Sony came from an urgent need. However, the technology has developed during these years, and I feel much more satisfied than before to take pictures by smartphone.

One of the most different features between smartphones’ camera and mirrorless camera or DSLR is an angle of lense view for me. I have zoom lense and I often felt I want to take pictures wider view often.

And at that point, Xperia was the best choice coincidentally. Because even among smartphones, there are various type of angles from iPhone to Android. I got to know Xperia has one of the widest angles. I didn’t know when I bought one.