Mejirodai, Tokyo

The Internet-ish

I was thinking that recently I don’t have blogs and websites visiting frequently, made by independent people, compared with the time of the early start age of weblogs.

At that time there are lots of famous blogs produced by so-called “alpha-bloggers”.

I visited one of these blogs and found that even now continuously updated, and started reading an article because it has interesting quotes about the drinking party with Dentsu employees. I clicked the link for reading original article. After finishing reading this article, moved on to another article about the introducing movie about the TV program. There was no link there and I searched on that and it was also fun.

What a waste of time it was like that speech referring to, but it was exactly the Internet-ish, I felt. Founding next to next continously I hadn’t expected. It was so interesting time for information-junkies.

But my original question is that why I don’t have frequent visit blogs recently. This question still remain in my mind.