Tomonoura, Fukuyama

The man who has bottomless wisdom

In Toastmasters, which I join for many years in Japan, There’s a man who has bottomless wisdom.

He’s a member of Toastmasters over 20 years. He won speech contests several times in Japan societies, though we ordinary people hardly win even club contest. It shows how he is distinctive much. His talk is distinctive not only for the contest, but even one-minute speech during after party. His attractive speech never changed at all.

He is a professional of speech instructor, speaker, and writer. But as a person, I could not help feeling a sort of the deep boundary between us.
So, what makes him so distinctive? I got to know the one of his secret that makes a boundary between him and me closely from one his post on his blog.

I read a book written by Horiemon a month ago. And I enjoyed reading so much and decided to sell on the marketplace after writing my review, but left not doing that the book is still on my desk.

At that time, I found that he posted his review about the same book above. In his post, I found his original points of view and many notices and expressions. Related main theme “To do what we want to do” in the book, I found a quote of famous old critics, George Bernard Shaw, at the end of his post and felt that The philosophy for the work does not change for ages.

To read books is an input activity and to write a post about that is an output activity. He sharpens his blaze like that.

After that, I read his first entries of his book review, and it has simple quotes from the book. My pace to post stories here is getting slow recently, but his first post reminded me of my first relax feeling.