The most beautiful website in the world

Have you ever thought which website (PC view) is the most beautiful ? It doesn’t mean the best UX/UI, or customer friendly, often to be said in the IT world. I mean which website looks simply beautiful in your point of view.

For me, the answer is the Four Seasons Hotels Website.

You might think "Oh it’s a matter of course, they are luxurious hotel chains and it’s easy to show a lots of beautiful photographs."

However once you research other luxurious hotel websites, you must notice how cheap their websites are.

The design of fourseasons website does not changed in many years as far as I know. It has full screen beautiful photograph and lots of contents.. you might be surprised by the number of photographs in each locations, indeed. Website design answer from my viewpoint was already provided many years ago.

Recently we entered mobile first era, and situation changed, but I found the application of Four Seasons looks inherited of this design mind.

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