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The person who create Ideas and the person who execute ideas

I read Ohmae Kenichi’s books and articles for more than 20 years, I hardly remembered he was wrong about his ideas and messages. He always analytic every matters in detail, and to show the solution. He is one of the most famous consultant, and businessman in Japan.

But as for political issues, he’s not a politician, and he failed to be elected as a Mayor of Tokyo, so he is not the position to execute his brilliant ideas.

On the contrary of Kenichi Ohmae, there seems to be people who have no detailed visions, but the power of execution.

I thought former prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi was a great leader but he himself must not have grasp in detail about every problem. I remembered his first discussion for the election of the prime minister, his saying was so vulnerable comparerd with his rival. But he had something to inspire people in Japan, then won the election and started his prime minister’s life which was longest in history after the world war II. After being a prime minister, he had a group, included Mr. Heizo Takenaka, Mr.Naoki Inose such kinds of great vision in a certain subjects, this groups worked very well.

World is truly complex, and it’s impossible to do anything by oneself.

So, the person who like to draw clear picture like Kenichi should not be criticized by the lack of execution, and the person who like to big pictures like Junichiro Koizumi should not be criticized by the lack of detailed idea.

We’ve got to just keep focus on our strength.

Lastly, Toru Hashimoto, he’s already resigned a politician, is an enthusiastic reader of his book, and his policy is based of Kenichi’s idea. His political group “the group of Ishin (revolution)” is named by Kenichi’s book, “Heisei Ishin”. Kenichi Ohmae evaluated him very well, and they still keep connecting to do something.

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