Toranomon, Tokyo

Timeless Design

I visited an art museum in Toranomon to see Shinoda Toko’s artworks. She is a 104-year-old Japanese ink painting artist. Recently she became famous for her book about her life in her age.

I didn’t know much about her works. However, when I saw her artworks, I was so fascinated by them, because it’s so beautiful, avant-garde and has no sense of her age. Her style is a kind of abstract painting, called “Bokusho 墨象” .

It was the end of the day of the exhibition, a lot of senior people were coming there and crowded. I got to know this exhibition when browsing news by my smartphone. I wonder how they get to know this exhibition. She might be a great role model for them. For me, too.

I even didn’t know there’s a museum there. There might be places which I didn’t know yet in Tokyo after over-forty-year-living.

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