White Beach, Puerto Galera, Philippines

Unpunctuality sometimes gives me a luck

I went to Philippines a couple of weeks ago (just after Ekiden race..). This trip excited me a lot, and there’re lots of things to write here and I’m wondering which topic write first.

People say, Japan is one of most punctual country in the world. Trains are always on time, and when a train is late even for a few minutes, station staff announce for apology and I often wonder why he apologize because I don’t notice the train is being late.

Situation of Philippines is slightly different. Traffic jams happen every time, everywhere in the city, Shuttle bus or this kind of commuter vehicles depart not at the time of schedule but at the time when all seats get full. So I guess people could not plan the action schedule with minutes-base.

However as for this flexibleness, I could see the beautiful place where I had gave up to go.

During trip to Puerto Galera, I had to change my boat at Batangas port, because of bort delay which I would have ride on, I rode on the boat to the place named White Beach for transit to taxi.

There was no time to stay there but a glimpse of the scene was wonderful. I could see the long beautiful beach and people were enjoying. There were lots of people from western countries.

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