Walking for 3 hours

Yesterday I had to walk for 3 hours, and it was hard for me than I thought. I had thought I don’t feel exhausted how long I walk. But it was not correct. When I run at marathon festival, I always have to run for around 5 hours. It’s that so, I didn’t think I get exhausted as far as I walk.

In the middle of walking, I got tired of walking besides street, I went through for shortcut in a small hill. But it was getting dark and I found the sign which said “Beware of Bears” and I imagined that I am broadcasted at the evening news like “Unknown man was attacked by a wild bear at Chichibu mountain area in such a busy end of the year”. but fortunately bears didn’t appeared.

The year of 2015 is almost ended. I wanted to write year review but I gave up writing it because just 2 hours are left, and I am getting sleepy..

Thank you for all your kindness through the year, I enjoyed a lot with you. Wish you a happy new year, 2016 !

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