Whole design management

This term 2015–2016 is the last term of civic members of landscape committee in my area.

Totally I did in 4 years, but every time we judged the nominations of landscape, we always argued about whether this nomination is already designated as important cultural property by nations or ward.

For example, there is one temple, here. It consists of architectures, gardens and walls, roughly speaking. The nomination photographs appealed that this wall shows a good influence for surroundings. After investigating it, we found that the architecture is designated by the nation, it was national cultural property. But, the wall is not included in national cultural property, so nomination is eligible…or,not eligible because it can not think architecture and wall separately, something like that. Results change depending on the case.

One of the problem is that cultural property designation is eligible for only architecture. It should include surround environment such as gardens and walls. If so, we can eliminate these nomination is not eligible.

Cultural property is valuable not only for architectures but also surrounding landscape such as gardens and walls.

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