Why I write here in English

English is not my native language and it’s still really uncertain and difficult to use. However I found some good reasons for me to write here in English.

Free writing

I’d like to write something on the web, but I sometime feel embarrased to be read by people around me, so if I write in English, number of readers might be getting fewer than in Japanese, I guess. Furthermore, my English is such like that, English people who encounter my articles, could skip them soon. However, if you are still reading this article now, I’m very glad and highly appreciate about that.

Being serious

Normally I don’t want say serious matters of myself and my thoughts. I always try to add some humors flavor with my outputs. On the contrary, I sometime feel like expressing straight and neutral feelings of mine. The time of my writing here makes me relax.

English practice

As I said at the beginning, I’m not English native speaker and I am a Japanese, and living in Japan. I always want to use English more clearer, smarter and faster. Writing in English is suitable challenge for me. So for the reason that, your advice and comments are off course welcomed ;)

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