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Why Now Introverts Era Is

A few years ago, ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’ written by Susan Cain has gotten popularity by TED talk, and recently ‘Do nothing and think all’ written by Kumi Fujisawa. Not only these books, it’s not unusual that quiet people could become good leaders. Compared to the 20th Century, I felt it’s time to introvert people, nowadays.

I, to be ashamed of, have not read both books, and totally it’s just my feeling but come to think of it, I thought it deeply related IT infrastructures.

Because of internet revolution, we always connect with each other and we are able to reach our ideas out many people by many ways like email, SNS and so on.

Before that, if you want to connect to the people, there’s only chance to deliver your message to a large number of people to speak out to the audience at the meeting, to be famous like TV star and so on. On that situation to be extravert had a lots of advantages to deliver what he think.

But now only if you have passion and messages you want to reach out and just write message on PC or smartphone, and send them to people around, you can deliver yours. Of course, live, movie and such rich contents are easy to be recognized but the power of text is not weak so much.

I sometimes added mails after the meeting, because I always have lots of things not to be able to say enough what I said. If I have not our mailing list, I doubt that I could communicate fellows around me comfortably.

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