New Major Update: USDNB → NSBT

Neutrino Protocol
Mar 18, 2020 · 2 min read

Today, an important feature release has been rolled out, related to the significant part of the Neutrino system — the NB token. Have a look at what this release brings!

Release changes

  1. The USDNB ticker has been changed to NSBT, which stands for Neutrino System Base Token.
    The ID of the new token is:
    6nSpVyNH7yM69eg446wrQR94ipbbcmZMU1ENPwanC97g At the end of this article, you may find a short guide that includes what steps you as a user should take to ensure proper migration from the old token to the new one.
  2. NSBT has a larger decimal precision (6), which will increase the accuracy of calculations on the auction smart contact.
  3. With the new ticker comes new utility. A more in-depth article on NSBT to be released later!

In addition to the major NSBT update, this release includes:

  • major price oracle optimization
  • a split protocol for staking (that will, in the future, enable the possibility of staking with a cold wallet with rewards paid to a hot wallet)
  • refactoring

For those who have old NB tokens in the liquidation queue:
No action needs to be taken. Your tokens will be automatically migrated to the NSBT. The liquidation queue will not be altered in any way.

For those who have old NB tokens within their personal wallets:
You can swap USDNB to NSBT via waves-dapp at any time. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to waves-dapp via WavesKeeper
  3. Find the migrationUSDNB2NSBTSwap method in the list of methods (on the screenshot below). Click on the “Attach payment” button with a large plus sign and choose the old USD-NB token with the id 975akZBfnMj513U7MZaHKzQrmsEx5aE3wdWKTrHBhbjF in the field. Enter the amount of USD-NB that you would like to migrate to NSBT (we recommend migrating the total amount that you own at once).

5. Click on the migrationUSDNB2NSBT button and sign the transaction via WavesKeeper.

6. Check your balance at or


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