Neutron64: the next evolution of the Neutron code editor

For those unfamiliar, Neutron is a web based code editor I started in the summer of 2011. Neutron64 represents the fourth version of the editor. Neutron64 brings the editor back to a standard web app. However, now Neutron is rebuilt as a Progressive Web App that can run offline. The UI is refreshed with Google’s Material UI specification, and shortly we’ll be adding a new subscription payment system. You’ll be able to pay through a yearly subscription or by donating CPU cycles in exchange for a subscription. There will be more on these features to come in the near future. We intend to support local and remote code editing in addition to one of the best Google Drive code editing implementations.

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The History of Neutron

  • June 2011: Neutron IDE
    Bought my first Chromebook and I needed a way to code in a web browser. After finding no editors flexible enough for my purposes, I started building Neutron IDE, a code editor named after my cat. Neutron IDE was a web app installed on your server which then allowed you to edit code on that server.
  • June 2012: Neutron Drive
    In 2012, I decided to enter the Google Apps Developer Challenge. I rewrote Neutron from scratch into a web service. No installation was needed and you could access code with Google Drive or files locally and remotely by installing a small program called Neutron Beam. Lastly, Neutron Drive took home the prize for its category in the US/European region!
  • May 2014: Super Neutron Drive
    With the release of Chrome Apps, Neutron was rewritten. Super Neutron included all the great features of previous versions with the added ability of being able to be used offline. This release also started the naming tradition of being named after Nintendo consoles.
  • January 2018: Neutron64
    Back to the open web! With the deprecation of Chrome Apps, Neutron was rewritten as a progressive web app. This allows us to offer all the same features of previous versions without using any proprietary browser features. The code base and user interface was modernized to help support future development.

We'll be bringing Neutron64 up to feature parity in the next few months. Also look for exciting new features during these months and afterwards. Get 6 months free by signing in today while we’re in the beta period.