Why Use Neutron64.com Web Based IDE?

Neutron64.com is web based code editor. The whole idea of having a generic code editor that runs in a web browser may sound strange to most, so in this article I’ll outline some of the reasons you might want to try out Neutron64.com for your everyday development.

The History of Neutron

When the first commercial Chromebook was released, I purchased it and pretty much loved it. However, I’m a developer and what’s a developer want to do? Develop software of course. So I set out on a search for a web based IDE that I could use on a Chromebook. There are two problems that needed to be solved: editing code and running that code. There were many choices but none of them worked for me. They were either very constrained to one particular situation, like editing frontend Javascript, or constrained to one particular backend. I needed something that could be flexible and support many types of development. Thus Neutron IDE was born, a lightweight web based editor that could be installed on a server of your choice and then you could edit and run code on that machine.

Modern Day Neutron

Fast forward to today and Neutron is much the same but covers even more situations and use cases. Neutron is now a progressive web app that can be used with zero installation and configured to work with remote or local code. Some of the unique features of Neutron:

  • Edit code directly off of multiple Google Drive accounts
  • Edit local and remote code
  • Settings follow you from machine to machine
  • Integrated terminal
  • Fast setup with Termux on Chromebooks

Even today with many more web based IDE options, Neutron is easy to use and more flexible.

So if you are looking to use your Chromeook for development or you just want a flexible lightweight editor that integrates with many environments easily checkout Neutron64.com.