Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

An easy, delicious and cheap way to enjoy coffee

This is not my home, but sometimes I pretend it is (Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash)
This is a cup of coffee. It is not ready yet (Source: I took this photo)
This cup of coffee is further along than the previous one, but it is still not ready (Source: I also took this photo)
For those playing along, this is also not a cup of coffee (Source: I took this)
Is this a cup of coffee or not? You decide. I’m not the boss of you.
I’m not actually sure if you need a picture of this step, but I took one anyway (Source: I took this)
I hope you don’t actually do this (Source: I took this photo)
Please empty your whisky bottles responsibly, and not like this picture implies (Source: I also took this)

Principal Engineer and software consultant, ex-data scientist, ex academic. Programming for 27 years, writing about it here since much more recently.

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