Morbid Fascination For The Win!

Does intellectual overthinking inevitably lead to morbid fascination and depression?

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

A morbid fascination for everything

  1. The poem I wrote when I was 10 years old, titled “Why life is not worth living.” This piece of homework caused my alarmed English teacher to imagine I was suffering all manner of horrific abuse at home (I wasn’t), prompting her to demand an urgent meeting with my parents which resulted in embarrassment all round.
  2. My childhood obsession with dissecting innocent worms and countless species of bugs.
  3. My teenage belief that life must surely be a punishment for something bad we all did in a previous incarnation, in another realm of existence.
  4. My affinity for real-life crime documentaries, gritty kitchen sink dramas, grim poetry, depressing song lyrics, and other realist artforms.
  5. My default “Eeyore” attitude to life, the universe, and everything.
  6. The fact that I had planned my funeral in my twenties and subscribed to a funeral insurance plan in my thirties.

Am I morbidly depressed?

Is there an alternative explanation?

Am I “too intellectual?”

Is ignorance really bliss?

  1. Finding we can only bear to consume positive, lighthearted forms of art, TV and other imagery — fantasy novels, Disney films, happy-ever-after dramas, heart emojis, etc.
  2. Simply accepting everything we see, hear, or read at face value, without applying any critical thinking.
  3. Being in constant denial about many unpalatable aspects of life, including corruption, abuse, disease, climate change, poverty, and death.

How intellectual is too intellectual?

What are the psychological motivations behind morbid fascination?


A final word about death

Approaching the end (literally and figuratively)



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