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Angela Celentano — Missing Child (UPDATE)

Update in the case of Angela (3 y/o) who disappeared while attending a church picnic with her parents in Monte Faito’s recreation area. Possible kidnapping involved.


We covered her case in a previous post (Angela Celentano (Missing Child)) back in June 2021 as a child missing from Italy. Angela was only three when she disappeared from a receration area where her family was attending a church picnic. Though extensive searches were performed in the area, no trace of the child was found and it is possible that she was taken rather than simply becoming lost.

We are both excited and anxious to announce that there may be a possible match to a young woman alive and living in Argentina.

In 2023, DNA testing has begun to compare Angela’s genealogy with that of a young woman from Argentina. The woman contacted the Celentano’s attorney (Mr. Luigi Ferrandino) to state that she believed she was the missing child from so long ago.

She has been able to provide information to the attorney that they say seems to match with the circumstances of Angela’s life / disappearance and she has a birthmark of the same shape and location (right side of her back) as Angela. She also appears to look similar to the age progressed image of Angela recently published by the family:

The unidentified woman states that she recalls being in a forest and then being taken by a ‘white car’ which carried her to a cave where other children were being held. It seems like they may have been taken for child or organ trafficking. She believes the family that raised her picked her up and took her with them.

There have long been rumors that there was a South or Central American link to the Celentano case.

It is possible that if she is not Angela, she may be another child taken at that time.

*Original Post with Case Details Linked Below


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