Medium — May 2024 Earnings (New Record)

A recap of my Partner Program earnings in May

Marcus Musick
Never Stop Writing


Photo by Hussan Amir on Unsplash

June is here, and another month on Medium is in the books.

In other words, it’s summertime, and long hot days will be the norm for the next three months. It’s also time for another earnings report on Medium.

May Earnings — $590.49

May is the best month I’ve had on Medium, and I made more than $234.95 from the previous month.

I’ve also never been boosted, which is a good thing because it means I can still earn money here without hoping to get lucky.

The main thing is to be active with publishing and supporting others. Eventually, you will build your own audience, but it will take six months or longer.

A few factors helped me earn more money, which included Medium getting rid of AI accounts (still work to do), changes in the algorithm, and publishing more often.

I also follow a pinning strategy that helps me earn more money.

I almost always choose a new article to pin at the top of my profile each day while including my monthly earnings report and about me. All three of the articles earn money each day, and it adds up at the end of the month.