Never Stop Writing Progress Report (Still Accepting New Writers!)

Now is the perfect time to join :)

Marcus Musick
Never Stop Writing


Photo by kodex1213 on Unsplash

I created the publication Never Stop Writing in March to make it easy for writers to publish on a variety of topics and everything gets accepted in less than 24 hours.

You don’t have to worry about your article getting lost in the abyss and never getting published. The editing process is also laid back.

The publication is still small, but it doesn’t seem like articles perform any better in the huge publications. The key to building any momentum on Medium is to support other writers.

Just writing and disappearing off the platform isn’t a recipe for success.

Never Stop Writing has 138 followers and 87 writers.

We have 4.1k views, and 2.3k reads for the month of June. Last month, we had 2.6k views and 1.6k reads.

Rules for Joining Never Stop Writing

If you are thinking about joining Never Stop Writing as a writer, I’m more than happy to add you.

The only rule is that no AI content is allowed, and you need to be a member of Medium. You also need to follow the terms and conditions of the platform.