About Nevertheless

A podcast celebrating the women transforming teaching and learning through technology.

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This podcast series takes a close look at the innovation that happens in a learning company like Pearson focusing on the women that drive innovation whilst telling the stories of other female innovators working in ed-tech.

Throughout the series we’ll the stories of remarkable women whose work has change learning through tech. We’ll look at how gender and diversity shapes the ethics of products, speak to women who are shaping the future of education through the products they are building and their new innovative approaches to teaching and learning. We’ll also look at how a to build a tech company that enables career progression for all genders.

We’re always open for ideas of subjects you would like us to cover and people you would like to hear from. Talk to us via the comments section below.

The podcast is produced by the team at Storythings, supported by Pearson Education. If you’re interested in the kind of work Pearson do read these fascinating predictions about the future of work and skills which came out of their research project with Nesta and the Oxford Martin School.