Bonus Episode: Live from BETT 2019

What will it take to inspire the next Ada Lovelace?

Whilst we are busy working on season 3 we wanted to share this conversation recorded live at BETT 2019.

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Titled ‘If She Can See It, She Can Be It’, host Anjali Ramachandran chats to Chiin-Rui Tan founder and CEO of Rho Zeta AI, and Elena Sinel Founder of Teens in AI, and asks what will it take to inspire the next Ada Lovelace or Rosalind Franklin? What do we need to do to transform fields like AI and help create a more fair future of work. And how can educators help to recognise, develop and promote the female innovators and leaders of tomorrow?

Anjali Ramachandran — Ada’s List
Elena Sinel — Teens in AI
Chiin-Rui Tan — Rho Zeta AI

We’ll be releasing more bonus episodes throughout March and April and season 3 will be landing this summer.