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In season two of Nevertheless, we asked the difficult questions around our relationship with technology in education. We highlighted the achievements of the brilliant women using technology to make a better future for learners. And gave a voice to the young people whose lives are being immediately affected by modern day events and technology.

Presented by Leigh Alexander
Series production by
Renay Richardson
Written and produced by Tracy King and Eileen Guo
Music and sound design by
Jason Oberholtzer and Michael Simonelli
Executive produced by
Nathan Martin and Anjali Ramachandran
Made by the team at Storythings

Supported by Pearson

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Episode 1. STEM Role Models

In this episode we discuss how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) role models from all walks of life are essential for young people, and what needs to be done to ensure that those who want to be it, can see it.

Episode 2. The First Click

In this episode, we’re going to discuss trust and the Internet. When it comes to technology being used at home and in the classroom, who — or what — are we entrusting our children to, and what is the role of parents and teachers in guiding children through this new age?

Episode 3. Finding Genius

In this episode, we’re going to discuss lost potential, and how we identify and nurture talent in young people when the odds are stacked against them.

Episode 4. Heather, Megan and Leonor

In this episode we’re looking at resilience, school shootings and activism.

Episode 5: Imagination — Where Art Meets Science

In this episode we examine the role of science and art in imagination and education, and talk to seven remarkable women who are bridging the divide.

Episode 6: Straight Roads Don’t Make Skilful Drivers

In this episode we hear one story from one person, Kate Edwards. Kate tells the story of a day when her life changed forever.

Episode 7: The Human Factor

In this episode we talk to students thinking about their futures, educators helping women develop new skills later in life, and workers whose day is controlled by an algorithm via an app.

Episode 8: Half the Story

In this episode we ask whether being a YouTuber or influencer is a viable career, and hear the stories of three people who were forced to make big life changes when the pressure of feeding a social algorithm became too much.

Episode 9: Diversity Is What You Say, Inclusion Is What You Do

In this episode, we look at why diversity and inclusion in tech is more important now than ever before.

Episode 10: Student Takeover — “Our Lives and Tech”

In this episode we hand the podcast over to the students of schools in Virginia, Johannesburg and London. They tell their own stories about how tech impacts their lives.


Code Breakers — Episode 1

Meet Jillian Troftgruben — computer science student, engineer, entrepreneur.

Code Breakers — Episode 2

Meet Willa Igbayo — computer science student, engineer, dancer.

Code Breakers — Episode 3

Meet Laura Medalia — engineer and fashion designer.

Code Breakers — Episode 4

Meet Carly Litchfield — principal software engineer.

Women of Edtech on Technology

How technology can improve access to education for all.

Women of Edtech on Trust

How trust can improve access to education for all

Women of Edtech on Role Models

How role models can improve access to education

Women of Edtech on the Future of Education

What does the future look like?

Women of Edtech on The Digital Voice

How young people are finding their voice in the digital age

Women of Edtech on The Future of Skills

What are the skills and competencies young people need for a digital future?

Bonus Material

We’ve put together a few special extras for fans of the show.

STEM Role Models Posters

Download our STEM Role Models posters for your school or workplace.

Season Two Reading List

Further background reading, watching and listening for the topics discussed in Season 2.

Statement of Intent

Our vision for Nevertheless.

Innovation and Inspiring Talent

Marykay Wells, Chief Information officer at Pearson, on how it’s our differences that make a difference.

A Teachable Moment

Pearson’s Emily Lai on Trust, Children, and Information Literacy.

Imagination, Creativity, and the Nature of Science

Kristen DiCerbo, Vice President of Learning Research and Design at Pearson on how educators are helping students to see science as an imaginative undertaking.

Kate’s Story

Kate Edwards, SVP, Efficacy & Research at Pearson: “Why I chose to tell this story.”

Teach Yourself How To Tell Audio Stories

Here are a bunch of tools to help you tell audio stories about yourself and your communities.

Three Ways Employers Can Prepare for the Future of Work

To prepare for the future of work, we could do much worse than learning from Geoffrey Owens.

Notes from a recovering to-do list obsessive about the importance of imagination

By Luisa Gockel, Social Impact Partnerships Manager, Pearson.

Tech, Teens and Trust: Navigating the Digital World of our Children

By Sara Perkins, Senior Manager, Digital & Social Media at Pearson

Why I’m the worst example of a woman in STEM. Or maybe I’m the best?

By Vicki Gardner, Head of Primary Sales & Digital Account Management in UK Schools Sales, Pearson

Nevertheless is a a podcast celebrating the women transforming teaching and learning through technology. Supported by Pearson. Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, TuneIn or RadioPublic.



Nevertheless Podcast

A podcast celebrating the women transforming teaching and learning through technology