The Voices of Nevertheless

Women speakers you need for your next conference

Over the seasons of Nevertheless we’ve spoken to some incredible women innovating in teaching and learning through technology. But despite the number of women forming startups and leading Fortune 500 companies, women are still under-represented on the stages of many conferences. Not having balanced representation on your stage is not acceptable.

So if you’re looking for a brilliant speaker for your conference you can hear them in conversation in one of our episodes listed below and contact them via their social media profiles. We’ll update this list as the podcast continues. There’s also a great list here.

Season One

Episode 1: Garbage In. Garbage Out

Episode 2: TechNuns, DOLs and Erasing Kittens

Episode 3: Building The Workplace We Want

Episode 4: The Right to Learn

Episode 5: When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

Episode 6: Straight Roads Don’t Make Skilful Drivers

  • Kate Edwards, Senior Vice President Efficacy & Research at Pearson

Season Two

Episode 1: STEM Role Models

Episode 2: The First Click

Episode 3: Finding Genius

Episode 4: Heather, Megan and Leonor

Episode 5: Imagination — Where Art Meets Science

Episode 6: Straight Roads Don’t Make Skilful Drivers

  • Kate Edwards, Senior Vice President Efficacy & Research at Pearson

Episode 7: The Human Factor

Episode 8: Half the Story

  • Larissa May is a former Instagram fashion influencer and founder of non-profit #HalfTheStory.
  • Sara Perkins, Senior Manager, Digital & Social Media at Pearson, and mother of two musicians.

Episode 9: Diversity Is What You See, Inclusion Is What You Do

  • Anjali Ramachandran is a director of Storythings and the co-founder of Ada’s List, a global community of those who identify as women in tech.
  • Tracy Chou is a Software Engineer who has worked at Quora and Pinterest and is well known for her work pushing for diversity in tech. Tracy is now a founding member of Project Include, and is focused on driving solutions in the space.
  • Jyoti Chopra is Senior Vice President and Global Leader of Diversity & Inclusion at Pearson. She is a member of the Board of Advisors at Toyota Motor Company, and previously held prominent positions at Deloitte, Merrill Lynch and BNY Mellon.

Episode 10: Student Takeover — “Our Lives and Tech”

Bonus Episode: Live from BETT 2019

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