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Abbey Onn
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2 min readJan 31, 2022

I am taking a day off tomorrow.

This is a rare thing for me.

On one hand, I am excited. Oded and I are heading north for breakfast, a massage, pool, and maybe a winery.

On the other hand, taking a whole day away from work and my home means a lot of preparation. In order to feel relaxed, I feel the need to clean my inboxes, wrap up projects as best I can and also mentally prepare for the day after the day off.

At home, I need to organize babysitters, pick ups, meals, and contingency plans.

In short, there is a lot of pressure and stress that lead up to the relaxing.

Does this mean the time off isn’t worth it? Or too much trouble?

It took Oded and I seven years to go away without our kids. Seven years is a LONG time. Our first trip away was for 72 hours. We spent 48 hours in Moscow and one very long layover in Athens on the way back.

And we were hooked.

Even those these longer trips necessitate multiple babysitters, friends, family members and a very detailed Excel sheet, the time away (alone) is gold.

Since Moscow, we have spent five days in the Amalfi coast, three days in Paris and two short jaunts to the desert here in Israel. Each trip takes careful planning. Each time we drive away from home, we worry, but then slowly the stress slides away and we return to ourselves. We listen to music. We get outside. We eat good food. We talk. Without interruption. We sleep.

And when we come home again, it feels so good.

So, tomorrow, the trip will be short, but I will do my best to live in the moment and make the most of it.



Abbey Onn
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