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A meditation on having it all

Women often ask if it is possible to have it all.

Fulfilling work. Healthy, loving relationship with a partner. Happy children. Hobbies. Self actualization.

It is possible but it isn’t always easy. It is less balance and more navigation. And it doesn’t always feel as good as it looks from the outside.

It is an endless maze of choices: sleep or work? Time with kids or exercise? Help a family member or zone out for half an hour?

I am beyond grateful for the “all” that I have: my partner, my children, my health, my work, my family. But the behind the scenes, the “all” is hard work.

In my role as director of a community based organization, I push people to reflect, set goals and grow, but I often have a hard time setting long terms goals for myself.

Instead, I set my intention in a values based way: if I can live close to the values I hold dear, I believe I will live the way I want (rather than achieve a specific goal).

For me, I come back to some very basic habits:



Sleep (and then coffee).

Checking in with friends.


Getting outside.

On their own, these seem like lofty goals but in actuality, they set me on the course for being a better partner, director, and friend. And most importantly, they create space in my head and heart to for the “all” in each day.

**Pro tip: combine habits. Walk and talk to a friend. Movement with my kids. Getting outside + move + with others. Coffee with my partner. May be my nature to multitask, but also makes me happier to share my habits.



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Abbey Onn

Abbey Onn

Mom of 3. Traveler. Writer. Baker. Global Citizen. Lover of books, bell bottoms and swimming in the sea.