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Catch of the day

A few moments before the unexpected…

One of the things I wish for myself in the coming year is to try new things. Meet new people. Have new experiences. Little did I expect there would be a catch to my wishes.

A few days into the new year felt like the right time to make good on those intentions. I am scuba diver and a swimmer, but when a friend suggested a winter snorkel with sharks, it felt like the exact “new” experience I was going for. Not only that, but I brought my kids! Questionable parenting decision, you say? I say it’s just like an aquarium without the glass.

Snorkeling with sharks sounds like something you need to travel far away to do but the power plant in Hadera warms the water which brings sharks close to shore which means snorkeling with sharks on a January day in Israel is just 30 minute drive away. We arrived, threw on wet suits and rash guards and set off on our adventure. My husband, our ten year old and three of our friends went first. They came out of the water HIGH on the experience — the water was warm, the sharks were in the dozens and the visibility was good.

My eldest got out and I went in with my two younger children. One of my friends held onto my 5 year old while Oded and I took Maya, our 8 year old, on a search for sharks. I immediately saw one and felt the rush of excitement! I swam over to join Oded and Maya and within seconds, I felt an acute pain in my leg and like I couldn’t move. I knew it wasn’t a shark but I also knew I was in trouble.

Now, I am wearing a full plastic face mask for snorkeling so speech and sight are impaired. I communicated to Oded that I was in trouble. While balancing Maya on one arm, he tries lifting me from the water which only causes more pain. Oded pulls me one way and another and I can’t move and can’t figure out what the issue is. Frustrated, anxious and in pain, I pull of my mask and in one glance, the issue becomes clear:

I have a fish hook stuck in my thigh and I am caught in the fishing wire of a fisherman standing on the cliffs overlooking the sea.

I am literally the catch of the day.

I unhook the hook, unwrap the wire, replace my mask and swim farther away from the fisherman.

Try new things, I wished for myself.

Winter swimming: check.

Snorkeling with sharks: check.

Tetanus shot: check.

This won’t stop me from trying new things, but it will absolutely stop me from swimming so close to fisherman.



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