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New Year, new you. Cliche or classic?

Think. Write. Share. Repeat.

New year, new you.

Cliché, right?

But as one of my kids is currently in quarantine and meetings are moving from in person back to Zoom, it feels right to make the most of the fleeting transition from 2021 to 2022.

I am a big believer in reflection. Growth. Getting out of our comfort zones.

Last night, we kicked off Nevo’s first ever coaching series. Each fellow gets three 1–1 meetings with amazing professional coaches with the goal of leveraging their careers in the Israeli tech ecosystem and their lives in Israel. Being an immigrant is never a simple thing, no matter how long ago you made the move. Often, new immigrants focus first on the necessary things: housing, job, immediate concerns. They often neglect the bigger questions and lack a chance to focus on themselves and their goals. Tonight, we put the focus on them.

What do we want to keep and TAKE with us into 2022? What would we LEAVE behind in 2021? What do we WISH for ourselves?

Think. Write. Share. Repeat.

Growth comes from an intentional process of vulnerability, honesty and motivation.

The timing might be cliché, but the process is classic.

Wishing each of us the time to reflect, write, connect and grow.




Stories of success and impact from olim working and thriving in the Israeli tech ecosystem

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