The Blizzard In The Bleeding Heart

The Sleeping Giant of American Liberalism Has Finally Awakened

“Blue Eagle” by Baldervan

Please note that the terms “Progressive” and “Liberal” will be used interchangeably throughout this text. There are also quotes from people around the US following each sub-section. 

The timidity of progress will be no more.

Welcome To America

United States Flag Art by Debra Hurd

American Liberalism has faced unprecedented challenges for decades. From the era of FDR to the ascendence of Bernie Sanders, Liberals, or Progressives, have often found themselves to be the targets of “un-American!” jabs and ignorant “Traitor!”-damning claims.

As Eric Alterman notes in his book The Cause, “Liberal” was often deemed to be a swear word, something to be avoided by true, red-blooded Americans if they did not want to appear to pose a challenge to “American values,” to appear “too soft” on crime, and so on. But there has been a shift in the paradigm; the Liberals of today now reject the “Third-Way” and red-bloodedness — instead, they embrace a blue bloodedness that has left them labeled as “snowflakes” and “feminazis,” as “SJWs,” “libtards,” and…most awkwardly, “Fascists.”

What has happened to produce this change politics? Well, the election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency…if we’re being completely honest.

Donald J. Trump rose to prominence through a campaign of hateful rhetoric, and he continues to target different minority and under-represented, under-privileged groups through his executive orders. Rather than bringing people together, or simply pointing out divides currently plaguing America, he has opted to exacerbate disunity by playing the harmonica at the philharmonic…he seeks to speak the language of the under-educated and isolated America that has prided itself on tradition and resistance to change, cultivating vitriol and lies as acceptable talking points rather than cordiality and honesty; there is no care or intelligence in the language that he speaks.

Some might say that his actions and rhetoric are much needed in America, that there is a sensitivity in the US today that is devouring reason and logic (see: pejorative terms for liberal above, links), but — as proven through the preponderance of “alternative facts” and outright discrimination — it is more reasonable to conclude that there is actually a carefully considered sensitivity and open-heartedness that is being challenged by some of the most nefarious forces in society , much in complement to historical trends (from challenges to science, abolition, women’s rights, and so on), and very much championed by the current President.

Otherwise, Milo Yiannopoulos has gripped the nation with his clutches of hatred and far-less than intelligent talking points, and Richard Spencer seig-heils as he begs for sympathy from those whose comfort, lives, and families are not put at risk with of his rise to power. Breitbart has suddenly become an acceptable news agency, InfoWars is looked upon with kindness by the President and “real” America, and reinforcing stereotypes and ignorance with psuedo-scientific evidence and occultist philosophies (in the drive for a war of civilizations) has yet to be challenged by an American Conservatism that once only sought to keep its ideology confined to the economy.

The Liberals of today will have no more of it. They are sick of their movements and thoughts being categorized and then propagated in the forms of hateful memes and brief talking points. They are tired of the most secure groups in society claiming to represent the voices of reason as they cling to supremacy and accept hate as equality. Ultimately, they are tired of being called un-American and un-Patriotic just because they do not feel the need to partake in superficial rituals or dive into actions without considering any nuances or more rational plans.


“What the American right is doing is NOT conservative by any measure. Conservatism is about slow, deliberate, measured change. By seeding the states and federal gov with wreckers, they are doing the exact opposite of conserving existing institutions and the status quo. More accurately, they are radical reactionaries, and should be called such.”
Aaron Malay
“What happened to the days of Republicans owning the term ‘compassionate conservative’ like a badge of honor? Branding liberals ‘snowflakes’ is basically saying that liberals are compassionate human beings with empathy and love for our neighbors. Now you tell me, who’s really the party of Christian values?” — Jessica Cooper
“I am almost 50, and have been called any number of names in my life; hippie, commie, pinko, liberal (as an insult). Name calling is in essence childish, and none of it ever bothered me.” — Duncan Newberry

___________________________________________________________________The screams of “Communist!” have yet to find their echo in the new age.

The American Giant

“Muhammad Ali” by Paul Lovering

Suddenly, Bernie Sanders has become a celebrity; Elizabeth Warren and the “nasty” women of America “…nevertheless…” persist; Chuck Schumer has surged the mainstream unafraid of parading his bleeding heart; the candidates for DNC Chair are highlighting their progressive streaks; and protests and protesters seeking to secure the solidarity of America and the upholding of Science, American progress, and Liberal-Democratic values have dominated the tracks of political movement for the past 4 weeks.

And thus…the Giant sleeps no more.

With the rise of the Justice Democrats and the DNC’s shift toward Progressivism, American Liberalism no longer masks itself. President Trump and his Republican backers in Congress have faced an unprecedented fury from Americans all across the country, being hampered by different sections of Government upholding their constitutional duties and barraged by protesters at Town Hall meetings…respectively.

American Liberals, or as they have been candidly termed — Progressives — do not seek to slowly implement change or standby for years of Conservative impediment upon it any longer; they have mobilized with a voice far more powerful than many might have anticipated. So much so, that Conservatives have now challenged their movements by grouping them with Antifa (the Black Bloc), without consideration of the fact that their championing (or enabling) of the Alt-Right has invited more political radicals to a battleground within the mainstream of politics; a desperation to disable progressive movements by painting them as radical bands, much like the McCarthy-ists of the 20th century did to the Liberals of their time, has now been embraced rather than the simple statements that Conservatives were able to use in their condemnations throughout the 80s, 90s, and early millennium (see: McCarthyism).

“The right has a true genius for taking words (often those that the Left has used), and turning them into pejorative slams. It is a very telling example of how the right is fighting the culture war with emotional intelligence at a level that the left seems to be incapable of matching. I don’t know where this is originating, it seems to be too clever to just bubble up from the rank and file. It seems more likely that there is a funded group somewhere that has been recruited to fuel this process.” — Bill Dower
“I’m from Wisconsin… just as I wear my Cheesehead with pride, I embrace my Progressive “flakiness!” — Jennifer Steele

But Will The Left Fail?

“Social Justice Classic, 40th Anniversary Edition,” from Social Justice [Quarterly]

Traditionally, Left-wing movements do not enjoy the solidarity, leadership, or consensus on issues that right-wing movements often do. As history shows, this has led to in-fighting and failure.

Albeit, current progressive movements are showing unity and support for one another in general, but have allowed for their broad movement to take on various voices, directed by real leaders. The women’s march came to be dominated by experienced organizers, who inspired millions across the world to take to political activity. The #NoBanNoWall movement enjoyed immigrant rights organizers taking control of the reigns, and was directed by the ACLU and other prominent organizations that enabled the voices of the damned and the furious to be heard. Other movements, to include LGBTQ rights movements; Black Lives Matter, Latinx aceptance, and Muslim security movements; and Scientific championing movements have taken their positions in war-rooms across the United States (and the World), with generals at the table rather than various shouting voices, in order to advance real policy change and overall unity.

So long as the Left continues to delegate power and appoint true leaders to head their many movements, with the goal of Progressively altering the political and social landscapes (taking back office and fighting for policy change), their failure is not guaranteed, but rather…obviated. A recognition of troubling times needing strong voices and sturdy knees appears to have enabled the Left to circumvent the obnoxious hindrances to its success of yesteryear. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

“[Well], Winter is Coming.” — Lin-Marie Nacht
Snowflakes bring spring flowers, summer bliss, and fall harvest.” — Cindy Thomas
Honestly I think it’s a pretty weak insult. Never really bothered me. Snow flakes are beautiful and unique just like people. A massive amount of them can change the way the world looks.” — Katie McBrine
[Snowflakes?] Happy to embrace it. I don’t think it means what they think it means. I link it to Fight Club, a hugely misunderstood piece of satire. And many snowflakes working together can avalanche through a lot of barriers.” 
 — Sara Teresa


The Blizzard In The Bleeding Heart

True Justice by Joella Skilleter

The Left has certainly found itself in a vulnerable position after the popular vote was disregarded in favor of what is, arguably, a flawed electoral system.

But no longer are liberals and progressives discouraged, and no longer does the Democratic Party ignore them; the battle cries before the Democratic gates destroyed a barrier that should have never been established in the first place, and Progressivism has flooded the party.

Though the Right and its adopted, radical children continue to try to shout down the Left, the heart of Progress cares no more.

The Left is on offense now (no offense), and is readying itself to battle rival tides in 2018 and 2020.

The Justice Party and Progressive Democrats have taken the mantle.

The Scientific Community, Ethnic and Religious Minority Communities, and the Community of “Nasty” Women, and all of their neighbors and friends have surged to strengthen the tides of change in what some might call a ludicrous era.

Defending America and her allies’ interests abroad has now become the cause of the Left, but ensuring that human rights violations and regressive education or anti-scientific movements no longer flourish has remained with them, too. When it comes to defending American values, and human values, there seems to be no pause in the beating, bleeding heart of liberals. “Tolerance” is not the game of Progressivism, but “honesty,” “reason,” “thoughtfulness,” and “resistance to hate” are.

And if fire burns in the heart of an increasingly radical right, it should be known that a blizzard is coming to put it out. The “Snowflakes” will have their revolution. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I grew up in northern Indiana, land of snowballs and blizzards. You think calling me “Snowflake” is going to offend me?” — Betsy Brazy
Grew up in the flat farm lands of IL, it doesn’t take many snowflakes with a strong breeze to shut down everything.” — Erin Schmidt
[Snowflake?] It’s incredibly, comically juvenile.
 — Nick Weiss
“‘Snowflake,’ Seriously?! Have you ever been in a lake effect blizzard? Once you have snowflakes and a bit of high humidity, you no longer have one- you have a heavy connection of many snowflakes that you swear about as you shovel or snowthrow, but they are still there. You can call me a snowflake, no matter what my beliefs, on any day. Sincerely, ‘You can take the girl out of Upstate NY, but you can’t take Upstate NY out of the girl.’” — Shannon O’Rourke Smith, quoting a friend.
I love being called a snowflake. We are a blizzard coming…
 — Berma Matteson
Snowflakes turn into snowballs and avalanches. We’re beautiful, delicate, and unique. We keep showing up when you least expect us and will continue to!” — Jo McFadden
Love being called a snowflake. Beautiful individually, unstoppable together. Unconsciously, conservatives coined the perfect term.
 — Helene McBean
Outspoken women have been called delicate, emotional, hyper hysterical, and weak since the beginning of time as a way of undermining their message. ‘Liberal snowflake’ is simply an extension of that concept to all liberals.” — Gillian Watson Egan
Ahhh, yes. The ‘snowflake’ and ‘safe space’ insults that fly so freely these days. Because somehow celebrating uniqueness and diversity while working to ensure that every person feels secure and accepted has now become a bad thing. I embrace it.” — Jess Rhymer
To be honest, I hear that pejorative thrown about most in the context of parenting, and how you can tell the fall of society is imminent just by looking at kids these days.
— Andrew Lin
Well, I can certainly say for myself that ‘snowflake’ is not such an insult to me. I live in Canada and we all know what snow can do. Put enough snowflakes together and they become blizzards with the ability to crush your house, and avalanches that roar while ripping up forests, and glaciers with the capacity to radically alter landscapes permanently and grind down mountains. Snowflakes, yeah, not so weak and fragile. Don’t even get me started about hail.
— Leonie Belcher
“Each snowflake is uniquely perfect and together with millions of other snowflakes can change the landscape.”
— Dione Taitch
Protesters Against the Muslim Ban in Front of the Supreme Court on Jan. 30, 2017. (Original)

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