BREAKING: Trump Nominee to FinCEN’s Husband Breitbart Contributor During Bannon Tenure, Does Not Appear to Have Been Disclosed in 278e

Sigal P. Mandelker’s Husband Steven Capozzola’s Connections and Financial Interests May Raise Ethical Concerns For Her

Sigal P. Mandelker, Trump’s nominee to lead the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) — who could potentially take over investigations and handle information on his and his associate’s Russia connections and financial conflicts of interest — has been confirmed to be married to a Mr. Steven D. Capozzola, known climate change skeptic and a contributing author to Breitbart (Phone Confirmation 05/12/2017, 8:44PM).

(NOTE: Mr. Capozzola Has Deleted His Twitter Account, Company Website, and Certain Online Information After This Article’s Publication. See Photos At Bottom For Certain Footprint Screenshots)

Mr. Capozzola has also written extensively on Chinese currency manipulation theories and the necessity to protect American jobs against certain trade partnerships — likely as an extension of his duties as the spokesman for the Alliance for American Manufacturing, but still raising questions on what influence his views and financial interests might have on his wife, a potential appointee to the Treasury Department.

What initially informed the connection between the two, who are not otherwise listed as married, is Ms. Mandelker’s disclosure on the Office of Government Ethics 278e Form — which requires holders/potential holders of public office to disclose their financial interests. On the form, her spouse’s primary source of income is listed as CAP Media LLC, of which he [Mr. Capozzola] is the CEO; a public background check shows that they share the same New York address and phone number (contact editors for logs/more information).

Ultimately, when calling Mr. Capozzola to confirm the connection, he relayed that he is in fact married to Ms. Mandelker.

It is worth noting that Trump adviser Steve Bannon is the former CEO of Breitbart, bringing the news network more into the mainstream prior to his joining the Trump campaign and then administration. How direct Mr. Capozzola’s connection to him is does not appear clear at this time, apart from his employment under him through 8 months of 2016; a greater inquiry is needed.

As well, contributions to her spouse’s income from Breitbart News do not appear on the form as it has been released to the public. It is possible that contributions would appear under income from “Consulting Fees” for CAP Media LLC on an updated form.

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A Google Footprint of Mr. Capozzola’s Company Website is Shown at The Top of The Page. (Screenshot: 2:09AM EST, 05/12/2017).
Mr. Capozzola Deleted His Company’s Website Some Time After This Article’s Publication. (Screenshot: 2:09AM EST, 05/12/2017)

> This story has been updated three times to fix grammatical errors and the length of the headline.

> > Update: Mr. Capozzola appears to be deleting his social media accounts and noted connections to his wife. The New Age will provide catalogued evidence in the stead of any failing links.

> > > This story has been updated to include more information on Mr. Capozzola, as well as screenshots of his deleted company website.

> > > > The Headline has been updated for clarity.

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